Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lifes Little Surprises

Isn't it funny how life has a way of surprising you over and over again.

Well our first surprise was that we were going to be grandparents much earlier in our life than we really expected.

Then life surprised us with the fact that we were getting a grandson even though some of us were sure he was a she.

So lifes last surprise in this situation is our little Hayden James Walter was not waiting until February to make his entrance. He wanted to come today.

So yes we are the proud grandparents of a bouncing baby boy.

He was about 3 1/2 weeks early. He is 5lb 10 oz and is 19" long.

He has a little bit of blonde hair and is of course just handsome as can be.

Alicia is a trooper. She started having labor pains this morning about 9 am.
Waiting until 2 pm to call her doctor.

Went to the hospital to be checked between 2:30 and 3 pm. Was fully dialated.

Waited and few for a doctor to get in the room.

Started pushing at 4 pm and Hayden was delivered at 4:30 pm.


And Mommy Alicia is doing great. So is Daddy Casey, even with the easy job that he had.

Better pictures will come when we get our camera tomorrow from the hospital. These will have to do for now.


Bugs said...

congrats! that is so fun. i love the name.

lizwagz said...

congrats grandma! don't you just love new babies?!?!?

Williamson Fam said...

Ahhh Congrats, i'm so glad to hear everyone is doing fine, and catn wait to see more pictures..What a suprise babies have minds of their own thats for sure..Congrats again!

Princess P said...

That's so exciting! Congratulations!

Nikki said...

A handsome baby boy, Congrats!!!!!
I'd say Alicia is a trooper, labor sucks without meds. What's Casey think of his son?

Melissa said...

That is so great that everything went well. Congrats and have fun being grandparents.

Maren said...

Congratulations!!! You will be a great grandma!