Monday, January 26, 2009

Hayden James Walter

Here is the proud mommy.
Alicias brother Uncle Austin. Sorry if I spelled it wrong.
Aunt Kylie
Aunt Brianna
Grandma Lisa
Grandpa Chris
Grandpa Jim
Grandma Tawna
Great Grandpa & Grandma Walter
More to come when I get the camera from Grandpa Jim.


Jen said...

look at how little and blonde he looks! What a cutie!! you look like a proud grandma, even though you don't look like a grandma!

Walter Memories said...

Truly a gift to our family...

Williamson Fam said...

what great pictures, a baby makes everyone so happy it must be because they were so close to heaven,,,congrats again and you are one hot grand-mamma!

Nikki said...

He looks like he has a lot of people to love him- That's great. Hope he stays healthy through the rest of the RSV/Flu/Cold season. I can't wait to see him in person.