Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brianna Banana

So I just can't believe how time flies
when your having (fun?) a crazy life!!
Updates on Brianna.
She is getting to grown up.
She had her last high school Dance Company Concert.
She did a great job!!
She graduated from Dental Assistant School on March 30th.

She gave up her saturdays for 3 months for this certificate.
She is going to try to work her way thru college by being a dental assistant.

She graduates from high school and seminary in may and june.

Then she will work this summer and then go to Weber College in August.
:( :::::: (tears)
This was our congrats on being accepted to Weber dinner at Teppanyaki
I am so amazingly proud of her but sooooo sad at the same time.


Maren said...

So I heard she did well in her dances! I'm glad my family showed support, even though I couldn't. I can't believe she is graduating already. She is an awesome girl! You all look so beautiful as usual! Miss you guys. Are you coming to Hawaii?

Stacee Maree said...

Congrats! What an adventure you are in for.

Williamson Fam said...

What a little go getter that is so amazing, good for her, i'm so proud of her, and i'm not even her mom...what a good girl, you guys must be doing something right, way to go BRI!!!!

Walter Memories said...

Where is the dad????? Probably working of course. :(

Bri said...

growing up sucks its coming way too fast!!!

crazy walter 7 said...

DAD was in New York meeting his brother. And growing up has its good times!

Melissa said...

You guys must be so proud that is awesome.