Monday, October 13, 2008


Wow am I thankful for good health. I don't make a good patient. So I am on my second week of being in bed and I hate it. Never thought I would not like the sight of my bed. AHHHH!!! I have injured my sciatic nerve. Can you say painful? Again wow. I didn't know my butt, right hip and leg could hurt so constantly. I would definitely not make a good chronic fatigue patient. Props to those of you that have pain on an everyday basis.

I also would like to say how THANKFUL i am for my awesome husband. Along with taking care of me, the house, the kids, meals, scouts, delta, other family obligations, and sleeping(very little of this) he also tested for Captain at work. We will find out how he did tomorrow. But how ever he did he is a hero in my eyes for even being able to do all this at once and stay relatively sane. I love you babe!!!

I should have had alot put on my blog with all this down time but i am a slacker. So now that i was told i still cant go back to work i figure i better do some blogging.

We have had alot going on. Brianna decided to join the cross country team and has kept us busy with some races and running in the region meet in the cold and snowy weather on saturday (brrrrrr!). She really did great for starting this with not much training.

First Race- slower than she wanted to be but she didnt give up and finished the race despite the confusion on which way to go. 2nd run up settlement canyon. I wasnt able to be there to cheer so yeahhhhh banana. it is a beautiful place to run but a real rough course considering it is along the mountain trail.Cold snowing region meet in orem. She PR in every race. Wish she would have started running sooner so that we could have enjoyed more.

She also decided to try out for homecoming queen, in Tooele you do that by being in a pageant. What alot of work that ends up being. Never been involved in anything like that before. Didnt know what we were getting ourselves into. But I am so proud of her. She shocked me with a confidence that i haven't seen in her for along time. She looked so beautiful.

We also had Caseys 20th birthday. I feel real old. I can't have a 20 year old. The years fly by. The kids grow up so fast and become adults right before your eyes. Poor kid, since i have been down i still owe him a birthday dinner. Hopefully i will be better enough soon to make it up to him.

Well i will save some more for tomorrow. I am sure i will be bored again tomorrow.

P.S. I forgot to say that jim also took care of kylie while she had the flu. even more amazing!!


saramomwifefriend said...

Wow Tawna, you have so much going on! And to be in bed as well. I hope you feel better soon.

Nikki said...

When I asked Jim where you were last week he played it off like "Oh she kind of hurt her back or something." What a butt head, I'm sorry you have been in so much pain.
It's been fun to cheer for Brianna at x-country. Good Job Bri!
Happy Birthday Casey. I swear just the other day you were a deacon.

Walter Memories said...

Get off your butt, haha, you deserve the rest too bad some pain had to be associated with it but your boredom is driving me crazy!!!! Get better already will you??? :P