Monday, September 22, 2008

Visiting Relatives

So a couple of weekends ago we went a visiting. It was fun. Kylie doesnt remember ever going to the zoo so we thought we would take her to visit some relatives. lol.

The white aligator was cool looking. We hope alot of you got to see it while it was at our zoo.

Tawna, Banana, Kylie, Shaun and Danny standing in front of the rhino cage. Of course Jim is always behind the camera.

Kylie is getting pretty big. I am afraid that she is going to pass banana up pretty soon.

Phoebe's nephew Porter was at the zoo the same day as us. He was telling Banana sunday at church that the zoo was R-rated. When banana asked him what he meant he told her about the monkeys that were picking each others butts and eating it. It wasnt very nice.

Riding the alligator. Yes its a fake one. No one was injured in the taking of this picture.

We had a great time and if i ever figure out how to do the slideshow thing I will be able to share more of our pictures. At my age it is learning one thing at a time.


Princess P said...

LOL, oh thank you. How I needed a little laugh today.

Williamson Fam said...

Oh how funny, and you look so hot with your light hair, rock on with your hot self.....Miss ya

Nikki said...

Fun time with the family. Who is Shaun? A cousin also?

crazy walter 6 said...

Sorry about not clarifying who Shaun is. He is a cute guy that Brianna has gone out with. The more boys the better.