Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do we look that old?

So i used to look in the mirror and still see someone YOUNG!!!!

I look at my husband and see the sexy boy (minus a little hair)
that i meet at lagoon and said to my friend "the cute one is mine".

And for 22 years now he has been mine.

So why do i feel so old?

Well the answer is...................

In February we are going to be grandparents :)

What a difference a new title can make.

Instantly i feel OLD!!!!
I am so excited to have a great friend to go thru this with.
Dorann and I will be grandparents at the same time.
I actually feel like i am going to be a grandma x2.


Nikki said...

Grandma? Holy Cow! I can't say I'm totally shocked but maybe I am just a little.
Good Luck and Best Wishes to Casey and Alecia!!!

Jen said...

Yep Your old!! (j/k) So grandma are you going to have a grandson or a granddaughter? At least you are young enough to run around with them. I am going to be a real old grandma!

Princess P said...

C'mon, we need details! Boy or girl? That's so exciting, you are better at keeping secrets than I am, I'm impressed.

Tauna Isenhour said...

wow, How far along is she? when is she due? How is Casey handeling it, because he looks a little scared by the picture. How about you and soon to be g-pa has it hit you yet, Your going to be a grandmaa, how fun... congrats.