Monday, August 4, 2008

So much going on

The summer is so crazy that some days i don't know which way is up. I will try to update a few of our crazy, fun experiences. This pictures is my mother-in-law getting a bowling award for her many, many years of service in Tooele. She works real hard at keeping a youth league going. We are very proud of her.

This picture is of the fun stuff my husband gets to be involved in. He and a group from work built a float for the parades around the valley. Kylie is riding on this one in the front corner in a black and white shirt.
After that parade in bluffdale Kylie jumped on a helicopter with my cousins from china. All she said when she got off was that almost every backyard had a trampoline. She is a crazy kid.
We have had fun watching Alicia play softball. She really enjoys this sport. We hope to be able to watch her more.
We also had a new pet for a few weeks. It was a hampster. He was really friendly and soft. His name was Dusty. He didn't stay with us long but we loved him. So now we have two frogs that we got at the park on July 4th. They are living longer than we expected.

This is just a little appetizer of some of our activities. I will post more in the days to come. I think i am just exhausted from all the crazy fun that we have. Girl's camp pictures are to coming soon.


Williamson Fam said...

Wow you do have allot going on, i guess thats what happens when the kids grow. Cant wait to see pics from girls camp, i wish i could have been there, it sounded like it was great as usual..Miss you guys...

Tauna Isenhour said...

Oh Dusty reminds my or thumbelina my Dwarf Hamster that I had she lived a lot longer then we ever thought I was so sad when she died. We still have Roxie our stupid Dog she is 7 and Lightbody our yorkie named after ahockey player here. he is almost 5 months old. I still can't believe how beautiful your girls are and that your son has a girlfriend. JR started PRE-K which is in the elementary school here, and he goes 5 days a week all day... and No I did not cry. I was as ready as he was He rode the bus on Friday for the first time. The first day I drove him and he was all - "I want to ride the bus." "Well let me at least take you to school one day." then we get there and I couldn't get Callie Jo out of their. Anyways I think we lived there when Kylie went to school- wow it's been a long time.