Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So kylie had a dance competition at lagoon on the saturday before mothers day. She is awesome. But what a long day that was. We (meaning Jim and I) are so old that we just opted for a spectator pass for the day. But it was sure fun watching the kids on the rides and what an experience to watch all the people at Lagoon. Sometimes i just wonder???
This is Bri, Kaleb(Bri's "Friend"), Kylie and Kristi on the Jet Star. They stayed in line while they fixed this ride and still got on.
The new ride called WICKED. It is absolutely a crazy ride. And it was Kylie and Kristies Favorite ride. They are crazy. They probably would have ridden this ride a hundred times if the line wasnt so long. Oh to be young again!!!!
And as always they get soaked on the water rides but they keep getting on them. It was a great day.

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Williamson Fam said...

How fun, I want to go to lagoon and who is to old for lagoon, your guys are far from old....close to crazy but far from old..ha ha...